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History of Cwm Care Limited

The Company began with the purchase of Sonael Limited on December 7, 2007 by the current owners, Dr B Sele Musa and Mrs K M Musa.  Sonael Limited was owned by Mrs Sally Bull who operated Sonael Bungalow which was originally opened in 1992.  The bungalow provided home for 3 individuals.  There was a vacancy for a fourth individual at time of purchase.  The name Sonael Limited was changed to Sonael Care Homes Limited on the day of purchase by the current owners.

Sonael Care Homes Limited supported the three Individuals from December 2007 until June 2011 when a fourth resident joined.  Mrs Musa served as the Managing Director of the Company and the Registered Manager of Sonael Bungalow.

In December 2010 Sonael Care Homes Limited purchased Pen Y Wain Bungalow Limited from Mr SB Williams.  Pen Y Wain Bungalow was established by Mr SB Williams in 1992 to provide support for four young adults with a learning disability.  At time of purchase there were two individuals and vacancies for another 2.  Mrs Musa became the Registered Manager of Pen Y Wain Bungalow and Mr Ryan Williams became the Registered Manager of Sonael Bungalow.

It is believed that the name Sonael was derived from a combination of the names of husband and wife who owned the bungalow before it was used as residential home.  It is believed that the ‘Son’ represents the first 3 letters of the wife’s name, possibly Sonya.  The ‘ael’ represents the last 3 letters of the husband’s name, possibly Michael.  The directors of Sonael Care Homes Limited decided to keep the Bungalow’s name but to change the name of the company.  This was thought necessary to reflect branding and meaning to the owners.  It was also felt that a neutral name would be more inclusive of other premises owned by the Company. 

In April 2011 the company changed its name from Sonael Care Homes Limited to Cwm Care Limited.  CWM represents the initials of the daughter of Dr and Mrs Musa, Caru Wango Musa, and is the Welsh word for valley within which we currently operate.

In April 2014 Cwm Care Limited purchased Greenfield Bungalow in Beaufort and 24 Milfraen Avenue in Nantyglo from the Acorns.  The Acorns opened 24 Milfraen Avenue in 2002 for 3 individuals and Greenfield Bungalow in 2007 for 3 individuals.  Both homes were full at time of purchase.


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